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The following important policies and information are of interest to every HLRN user and every HLRN project administrator.

On HLRN-III in Berlin and Hannover computing time consumed by batch jobs is charged to the quarterly granted NPL allocation (project allocation or personal allocation). A job start is possible only as long as the allocation is not used up.

HLRN Service Portal

The HLRN Service Portal also provides access to the HLRN project and allocation management system.

The Service Portal offers

  • application forms for new user accounts
  • options for existing users
  • application forms for projects (new projects, project continuation, project extension)
  • options for existing projects (project admins, principal investigators).

Here we concentrate on the options and policies for existing users and projects. Important information on the application forms and processes are described in the Application HowTo.

Depending on their role (user, project member, project admin), users gain access to GUIs that enable them either to view or to change certain data after choosing the appropriate option and logging in with their HLRN user name (user id) and password.

ALERT! Note: The password is used exclusively for the Service Portal.

Options for Existing Users

  • Through option "Informationen zu einer Benutzerkennung" (Retrieve information on a user account) a user can
    • view data stored at HLRN that is related to his user id, e.g. contact data, target hosts
    • view accounting information
    • view his state regarding project memberships and the default project for accounting
    • view available quarterly allocations and their usage
    • view detailed resource usage (job accounting data)

  • Through option "Ändern der Daten einer Benutzerkennung" (Modify user account data) a user can
    • change most of his contact data (for change of email address please contact user administration)
    • change his target hosts
    • change his default project for accounting

  • To change the password for the Service Portal please use the link "Passwort vergessen?"/"Forgot your password?" on the Service Portal login page. To actually change the password the PIN is required. (NB. The PIN is now what was formerly known as "Initial Password".)

Options for Existing Projects

  • If the user is a project admin or member of some project, additional GUIs are accessible.

  • Through option "Informationen zum Projekt" (information about a project) the user can select one of the projects he belongs to and
    • view basic information and the state of this project (administrative project data, project members, allocations and usage)

  • Through option "Änderung von Projektdaten" (change project data) a user who is project admin can select one of the projects he belongs to and
    • change administrative data (contact) of the principal investigator
    • view the state of this project (project members, allocations and usage)
    • add or delete project members and change their roles in the project

Personal Project and Allocation

  • Every HLRN user is member of his own personal project, as long as the user (account) exists.
  • The name of the personal project is the name of the user id.
  • The personal project holds a default allocation of 2500 NPL per quarter, which is independent of other project memberships of the user.
  • The personal allocation is touched, when a user runs batch jobs without being member of a non-personal project.
  • Unused allocations from a personal project are not transferred to the next quarter.
  • The account of a user expires, when he was not member of any non-personal project for three consecutive quarters.
  • The default allocation may be increased on request (up to four times the default allocation; justification required).
  • The lifetime of a user account may be extended on request (justification required).

For the definition of the resource unit NPL see our topic on Accounting.

Project Memberships

  • Every HLRN user is at least member of its own personal project (project id = user id).
  • In addition, every HLRN user may be member of many non-personal projects ("Großprojekte") at a given time.
  • Project memberships in these projects are maintained by the respective project administrators.

Default Project

Every batch job submitted on HLRN machines is accounted.

Every batch job carries an attribute, which states the project account from which the job has to be accounted (Moab/Torque: -A).

  • A user may be member of many projects.
  • If a batch job does not state a project account, the batch and accounting system sets it to the default project of the job owner.
  • The default project has to be set by the user himself, if he is member of more than one project.
  • The default project account can be set via the HLRN Service Portal.
  • Thus, an HLRN user either has to take care about defining his default project correctly, or stating the correct one via #PBS -A for every job.

Project Administrators

Every HLRN project account has assigned at least one project administrator.

  • The default project admin for a project is the HLRN user who applied for the project (technically speaking: the user opening the project application form).
  • Project admins are able to maintain project memberships and their roles in the project.
  • The role "project admin" for a project account is coupled to privileged project members.
  • Every non-personal HLRN project has at least one member, who is enabled to act as project admin for this project.
  • Assigned project admins are able to assign other project members to be project admins by using the appropriate option "Änderung von Projektdaten" on the HLRN Service Portal.

Project Password

Principal Investigators may gain access to the project and allocation management system without having their own user id (user account).

  • For each project a project password exists enabling interaction with the database for project applications to the Scientific Board when editing or submitting project proposals.
  • The same project password also enables access to the project and allocation management system to manage project memberships and their roles in the project.

Project Allocations

The Scientific Board of HLRN reviews project proposals and grants allocations for projects on a quarterly base.

  • Project members share a quarterly project allocation on a first come-first served basis.
  • Note: The distribution of project allocations among project members (fixed shares) is not supported.
  • The unused part of a quarterly project allocation is automatically transferred once to the next quarter. It can be used only in that quarter, on top of the regular quarterly allocation. Leftovers will not be transferred further than one quarter.

For the definition of the resource unit NPL see our topic on Accounting

If there are problems or questions

If you have questions or run into trouble, please contact your responsible HLRN consultant, or email to

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