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Project Proposal and Application for Computing Time

Required documents for a project application (initial, continuation, extension)

For a project application, please use

  • the online form of the Scientific Council ("Wissenschaftlicher Ausschusses") on the HLRN Service Portal.

Upon successful completion of the web form, an email consisting of two parts is sent to the principal investigator. The second part is to be printed, signed and stamped, and sent to the Office of the Scientific Council ("Geschäftsstelle des Wissenschaftlichen Ausschusses"), latest until about one week after the deadline. The first part contains information about the documents to be sent (uploaded electronically in pdf form):

  • An abstract of the project (to be updated with continuation proposal and project end)
    The appropriate HLRN LaTeX template can be downloaded from the HLRN web server.
    The abstract will be published on the HLRN webserver.
  • For an initial application (new proposal): the project description
  • For a continuation or extension proposal: the status report (progress report)
  • Possibly attachments like publications (preprints) or others

The project description / status report / progress report should clearly describe the scientific purpose and goal as well as the methodology of the project. The requested resources should be comprehensibly justified.

The project description (for new proposal) or status report/progress report (for continuation or extension proposal) should comprise the following:

  • Outline of the problem, aim and scope of the project and its subject-specific significance
  • Outline of the mathematical and information technology aspects
  • Outline of the applied or planned algorithmic, mathematical, and numerical methods and solution procedures
  • Statements about the particular suitability of parallel computers for working on the problem
  • Statements about the degree of parallelism and expected scalability behaviour (performance increase with increasing number of processors)
  • Description and results of preparatory work (new proposal) or status report/progress report on the work accomplished in the previous project period (continuation or extension proposal); references and preprints (continuation proposal)
  • Sound and comprehensible estimate of the requested resources (computing time, memory, temporary and permanent storage space) that should be supported through experiences or test computations on the HLRN or other comparable computer systems; the intended use of resources may be given in a monthly or quarterly table.
  • NEW Projects with extended data storage requirements should give a detailed description of the I/O behaviour of the application (data management, amount and size of files generated during typical runs, I/O strategy used (global or task-local I/O, MPI I/O, netCDF, HDF5, etc.)). An estimate of the storage requirements should be made for scratch diskspace and tape storage for backup. Further, estimates for data transfer volume to tape and to the compute system should be given.
  • Estimated duration of the project

The proposal should not exceed 10 pages. It can be submitted in English or German. A commented overview with examples can be found in the appplication workflow (PDF, in German only).

In case of questions regarding the required documents please contact your HLRN consultant .

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