HLRN Workshop PGI Accelerator

On 22.6.2012, Mr. Michael Wolfe from PGI presents at Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) the following

Agenda items

9:00 Welcome and short introduction
9:10 Knights Ferry and/versus Fermi, programming model
10:00 short break
10:15 PGI Accelerator for Fortran and C (OpenACC, OpenCL)
13:00 break for lunch
14:00 tutorial
17:00 end


Arnimallee 6 at 14195 Berlin, first floor, room 126 (ZIB is only a few inches from the meeting room away)


9:00 -- 17:00 on 22.6.2012

About the workshop content

The afternoon session looks more in detail into GPU programming; you will look at the OpenACC directives for compute and data regions and learn about scheduling and potential pitfalls, all of this comes together with a walkthrough of a more complex example. Having learned how OpenACC can be used to accelerate your applications you will finish by looking at how OpenACC can be combined with other CUDA technologies such as math libraries, CUDA C and CUDA Fortran, and Thrust for further speedups. OpenCL will be discussed very shortly.


If you want to join the talks and the tutorial, please be prepared to have your notebook including ssh software with you and send an email to Frank Schmitz (schmitz@zib.de) for registration.
We need a binding registration because we have limited space available!

Yours faithfully

Frank Schmitz

Travel and hotel information

Can be found on the visitor information website at ZIB.

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