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HLRN VI-HPS Tuning Workshop 2009

The North-German Supercomputing Alliance HLRN and the VI-HPS (Virtual Institute - High Productivity Supercomputing) organize a workshop on tuning of parallel programs using tools developed by the VI-HPS.

The workshop aims at the consultants of HLRN and at experienced users of HLRN who develop, optimize, and port larger programs themselves. It is expected that these users can pass the obtained knowledge to their working groups.

Time: Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 9:00 until Friday, September 11, 2009, 15:00.

Venue: Bremen, ZARM/University of Bremen

Registration: Please register by email to
To facilitate the organization (like coffee breaks), please include information, whether you will attend the workshop on all three days.
Please note: The number of participants is limited. Hence, we cannot guarantee the participation, even at timely registration.

Workshop Agenda

The workshop consists of an introduction to the different tuning tools of the VI-HPS. Further, there will be hands-on session aimed at the tuning of applications of the participants.

A detailed agenda of the workshop, as well as information about the tools of the VI-HPS can be found on the web pages of the VI-HPS at 4th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop

Travel Information

Information on traveling to the ZARM can be found on the webpage of ZARM.


There are various hotels in Bremen. For this reason, we only provide a list of hotels in the vicinity of the University of Bremen as well as convenient hotels recommended by colleagues. A detailed list of hotels can be found at For questions about hotels, you might also contact the secretary of BremHLR, Ms. Julitta von Deetzen, phone: 0421 / 21 86 38 75, email:

In direct vicinity of the university there are two hotels:

Atlantic Hotel Universum
Wiener Straße 4
28359 Bremen
phone: +49 (421) 24 67 55 5
Fax: +49 (421) 24 67 50 0
(single 99 Eur, double 130 Eur at conditions of the university)

Hotel Munte am Stadtwald
Parkallee 299
28213 Bremen
phone: +49 (421) 22 02 62 1
Fax: +49 (421) 22 02 60 9
(single 90 Eur, double 109 Eur at conditions of the university)

In bus-riding distance there is:

Hotel Horner Eiche
Im Hollergrund 1
28357 Bremen
phone: +49 (421) 27 82 0
(single 62 Eur, double 77 Eur at conditions of the university)

Further convenient hotel in central location (The tram no. 6 takes about 15 minutes to the university)

City Hotel Bremen
An der Weide 18/19
28195 Bremen
phone: +49 (421) 36 48 05 2
(single rooms from 59 Eur)

Buthmann im Zentrum, Hotel garni
Löningstraße 29
28195 Bremen
phone: +49 (421) 32 63 97
(single rooms from 47 Eur)

Hotel am Hillmannplatz Nr. 1
28195 Bremen
phone: +49 (421) 13 25 8
(single rooms from 54 Eur)

Hotel Heinisch
Wachmannstraße 26
28209 Bremen
phone: +49 (421) 34 29 25
(single rooms from 49,50 Eur)

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