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Last update: 27 February 2020, 15:41

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[3485] Feb 27, 2020Lise: Accounting activated / New Fees and Regulations document (Entgeltordnung)
[3474] Feb 07, 2020ZIB Berlin, 4 positions open
[3471] Feb 04, 2020Lise open for general user access on Wednesday, February 05 at 10:00
[3470] Feb 04, 2020Emmy: System Maintenance from February 10th until February 14th
[3465] Jan 13, 2020Apply for Computing Time by January 28th, 2020
[3463] Dec 19, 2019HLRN-IV system Lise open for early adopters
[3458] Nov 21, 2019Lise ranks 40 on TOP500 List
[3434] Oct 16, 2019Bye bye Konrad
[3414] Sep 11, 2019New GPU node in Göttingen
[3394] Jul 29, 2019External target host handling revised, effective August 5.
[3389] Jul 05, 2019Emmy and Lise - Names for the HLRN-IV compute systems revealed

Lise: Accounting activated / New Fees and Regulations document (Entgeltordnung)
[3485] Feb 27, 2020
Starting on March 1, 2020, all user jobs on Lise in Berlin are accounted in terms of NPL (Note: accounting on Emmy in Göttingen remains active).

For the HLRN usage, a new version of the Fees and Regulations document (Entgeltordnung) is effective, see https://www.hlrn.de/home/view/Organisation/EntgeltOrdnung
Essentially, it takes into account the new hardware of HLRN-IV phase 2:
Node type/partition   Cost per node-hour
standard96 14 NPL
large96 21 NPL
huge96 28 NPL
For more details on accounting at HLRN please see our web page on accounting.


ZIB Berlin, 4 positions open
[3474] Feb 07, 2020
Dear HLRN users,

the Zuse Institute Berlin, operational site of the HLRN complex "Lise", is seeking applications for the following four open positions:

WA 05/20:
HPC Consultant/Computational Fluid Dynamics and Structural Mechanics (f/m/d)

WA 06/20:
Supercomputer/Linux-Systemadministrator (w/m/d) für die Abteilung Supercomputing

WA 07/20:
one HPC Scientist (f/m/d) and
one HPC Data Scientist (f/m/d)

Application deadline is March 09, 2020.

For details and more information about these positions please see the corresponding entries on this page:

https://www.zib.de/jobads"> https://www.zib.de/jobads


Lise open for general user access on Wednesday, February 05 at 10:00
[3471] Feb 04, 2020

We are glad to announce that Lise will be finally opened for general user access on Wednesday, February 05 at 10:00.

Please note the maintenance of Emmy in Göttingen Feb 10-14, 2020, see also this announcement.
You may wish to copy data from Emmy to Lise before February 10, so you can continue your work on Lise during their maintenance.

Before you start to login to Lise please note the following important points.
  • The quickstart guide for Lise is found at https://support.hlrn.de/home/view/System4/QuickstartGuideBerlin with information about
    • login nodes blogin1-9
    • potential error message about ssh host keys
    • hardware configuration
    • limited available software catalog
    • batch system partitions
    • (un)availablity of PERM
  • Adjust your job scripts to reflect the 96 cores per node on Lise.
  • No HOME backup yet.
  • As always, report problems by email to support@hlrn.de; responses may be slower than usual.
Thank your for your continuing support and patience.

HLRN Support

Emmy: System Maintenance from February 10th until February 14th
[3470] Feb 04, 2020

Dear HLRN users,

we want to kindly remind you, that the HLRN-IV System Emmy in Goettingen has a scheduled system maintenance from Feb 10 until Feb 14, 2020.

We will update the whole system software to provide the same functionality level as Lise in Berlin. This requires a full system reboot (including all storage systems), which makes a full system downtime necessary. This means there will be no access to Emmy during the maintenance (neither compute nor data access), so please copy all data and results you need during the next week to local storage.

The compute queues will be closed on Monday February 10th 2020 at 8 am, login will be disabled at 9 am to allow copying recently finished compute results. The system will be available again in the afternoon of Friday February 14th 2020 at the latest.

We kindly apologize for the inconvenience.

HLRN Support

Apply for Computing Time by January 28th, 2020
[3465] Jan 13, 2020

The Scientific Board of the HLRN is inviting project proposals applying for computing time on the HLRN system.

The next deadline is January 28th, 2020, at 23:59.

Projects that need more computing time than 10,000 NPL resource units per quarter are invited to submit a project proposal ("Großprojektantrag") to the Scientific Board ("Wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss") of HLRN for the next quarterly review. Resources are allocated for one year starting April 1st, 2020, on a quarterly basis after review of the proposal (see the Application HowTo and the Scientific Board portal page). Notifications will be sent out around mid-March 2020.

In 2020 HLRN allocates about 135 million core hours per quarter (equivalent to about 60 million NPL per year) to successful proposals.
Please note: The project abstract has to be created in a specific format. The appropriate HLRN LaTeX template can be downloaded from the HLRN web page "required documents". The use of this template is required.

Please contact your HLRN project consultant before submitting the proposal.


HLRN-IV system Lise open for early adopters
[3463] Dec 19, 2019

We are glad to announce the immediate availablity of the HLRN-IV phase 2 system "Lise" in Berlin for user access.

Please note, that at this time only registered early adopters ("powerusers") are allowed to login. Registered early adopters have received additional information by email.

For an up-to-date schedule and further information about the HLRN-IV installation please see the web page at https://support.hlrn.de/home/view/NewsCenter/HLRN4News

Thank you for your continuing support and patience.


Lise ranks 40 on TOP500 List
[3458] Nov 21, 2019
On November 19th, 2019 the 54. edition of the TOP500 was revealed at the SC19 in Denver, Colorado. With 5,355.94 TFlop/s LINPACK Performance, the HLRN-IV System Lise in Berlin was ranked at 40th place worldwide and 5th in Germany.

The TOP500 is the list containing the 500 fastest supercomputers worldwide. It is released twice a year in June and November and measures computing power using the LINPACK Benchmarks.

Bye bye Konrad
[3434] Oct 16, 2019

The operation of the Berlin Cray system Konrad has now been stopped forever, making place for its successor, the HLRN-IV system Lise, which will be available for general user access in December.

In the last years, the HLRN-III systems Konrad and Gottfried helped the scientific community in North Germany and beyond to solve challenging problems. Since 2014 we provided 2 billion core hours in 2.6 million jobs. With the Cray architecture, we were happy to sustain an availability of more than 98% over the last years.

Thank you for using the HLRN-III resources!

See you on the HLRN-IV systems Lise and Emmy.

The HLRN Team

New GPU node in Göttingen
[3414] Sep 11, 2019
Dear users,

we are happy to announce that the first GPU node went into production in Göttingen today. The node (ggpu01) has the following hardware:
2 x Intel Skylake Gold 6148 CPUs (40 cores per node)
192 GB memory
1 x 480 GB solid-state disk
1 x Intel Omni-Path host fabric adapter
4 x NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs

This node will be a shared node for data pre- and postprocessing as well as machine learning. The CUDA and cuDNN libraries are installed on the node and a GPU accelerated TensorFlow environment has been added to the anaconda3/2019.03 module. More information on how to use the GPUs can be found in our documentation.


External target host handling revised, effective August 5.
[3394] Jul 29, 2019

Action required!

Dear users,

from August 5, 2019, on HLRN will open outgoing network connections world wide, however limited to destination ports for ssh, http, and https (22, 80, and 443). At the same time HLRN will remove the list of external target hosts, that a number of users have maintained, as this is not needed anymore.

Action is required for users, that need to connect to external servers in their workflow via non-standard ports. This includes

- users of commercially licensed software (Abaqus, Ansys, CFX, StarCCM+, etc.),

- users connecting to external ports other that the above mentioned.

Those users, and others, that experience connection problems in their workflow on HLRN after August 5, should immediately contact HLRN Support indicating the external host (hostname and ip address) and the port(s), that need to be reached from HLRN.


Emmy and Lise - Names for the HLRN-IV compute systems revealed
[3389] Jul 05, 2019

HLRN has revealed the names of the HLRN-IV systems: Lise in Berlin, and Emmy in Göttingen. For details about the namesakes of HLRN-IV please see the corresponding article in our NewsCenter.


For details of short news and older entries see the HLRN System - News Archive

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