Status of the HLRN-IV installation in Berlin and Göttingen

Last schedule update: 2019-11-06

  • Data migration schedule for Berlin updated. Data migration final phase now from Nov 18 until Dec 08, 2019.

General Information

Dear HLRN users,

we want inform you about the next major steps in preparing the operation of the phase 2 of the HLRN-IV complexes in Berlin and Göttingen.

To our regret, due to the high power demands for the computer systems and cooling it is technically impossible for us to make a smooth transition in Berlin from the old to the new HLRN system, and in Göttingen from the phase 1 to the full system, respectively. With the start of the test period of the new HLRN-IV configuration in Berlin the compute resources of the old HLRN-III system (Cray) need to be switched off (forever). Operation of the HLRN-IV system in Göttingen will be interrupted to integrate phase 1 and phase 2. In the following, we provide you with the best technical solution for the transition to the new HLRN-IV system.

Of course, the HLRN team will be happy to give you further information and to assist you in this transition process.

You will find always the up-to-date information on this webpage.

Overall Schedule

The following dates are preliminary and subject to change.

Overview of the schedule for data migration and availability of compute resources in Berlin and Göttingen

Month October '19 November '19 December '19 January '20 February '20 March '20 April '20
CW 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Data migration Berlin D D D
HLRN Service Berlin
HLRN Service Göttingen P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 ST ST ST ST


Color coding: (Compute) resources available
NO resources available
D Data migration (only) continues, access to old HOME and WORK/WORK2 in Berlin is possible
ST Stability Test phase of the HLRN-IV phase 2, limited access for power users (early adopters) possible
P1 Compute service with nodes from phase 1 only
Cray XC40/30 compute nodes final power down
Begin Acceptance Test of HLRN-IV phase 2


Important Dates for HLRN Complex in Berlin

  1. Timeframe for data migration: CW32 - CW49 (05.08. - 08.12.) with a service break during CW43 - CW46 (21.10. - 17.11.).
    • Please migrate all important data from HOME and WORK/WORK2 on the old HLRN-III (Cray XC40/30) system to the HOME and WORK of the new Berlin HLRN-IV system (Atos).
    • Please migrate your data as soon as possible to avoid last-minute actions as transfer bottlenecks may occur at the end of the data migration period.
    • Please note: All data on the old filesystems HOME and WORK/WORK2 will be lost forever after shutdown of the HLRN-III storage systems
    • To make the migration efficient, please plan carefully and migrate only necessary data sets. Data in PERM are not required to be migrated. Consider the easy re-creation of data from smaller data sets if possible.
    • More information and recipes for the data transfer are available on this webpage.
  2. Power-off of the HLRN-III Cray XC40/30 in Berlin: CW42, on 16.10. at 7:00 a.m.
    • The Cray compute nodes remain powered off forever.
  3. Interruption of HLRN compute service in Berlin: CW43 – CW50 (21.10. - 13.12.)
    • Within this period no HLRN compute resources are available in Berlin, but during CW47 – CW49 access to data on old HOME and WORK/WORK2 is possible.
    • Depending on the stability of the new system, selected users may obtain early access to the HLRN-IV complex in Berlin in CW47 (after 18.11.).

Important Dates for HLRN Complex in Göttingen

At the present time there are still uncertainties in the time schedule of the installation in Göttingen. Please note, that in particular the period of the non-availability of HLRN resources is pessimistically estimated.

  1. Interrupted HLRN service phase 1 in Göttingen: CW03/2020 – CW07/2020 (13.01.2020 – 17.02.2020) and in CW13/2020 (22.-29.03.2020)
    • If you plan to use the HLRN resources in Berlin during the service break in Göttingen you have to copy data your from Göttingen to the new HOME/WORK in Berlin.
    • During the service break there is no access to your data in Göttingen, so please copy all data you have to access during the service break to Berlin or personal storage until 12th January 2020.
  2. In Göttingen, there is no action required to migrate data from HLRN-IV phase1 since the current HOME and WORK will be part of the full HLRN-IV complex.

More information

More information and recipes for the data transfer in Berlin are available on this webpage.

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